Animal Molecular Genomics

We are focusing on the identification of causative variants and genes influencing economically important traits in livestock using forward and reverse genetic approaches. We are developing and offering diagnostic tests for genetic defects and embryonic lethals that are widely used by breeders.

We are exploiting the unique features of livestock populations to study recombination, gene conversion, transposon mobilisation, and de novo mutations in the bovine germ line.

Key publications

Harnessing genomic information for livestock improvement. Georges M, Charlier C, Hayes B. Nat Rev Genet, 20:135-156 (2019)

Frequency of mosaicism points towards mutation-prone early cleavage cell divisions. Harland C, Charlier C, Karim L, Cambisano N, Deckers M, Mullaert E, Coppieters W, Georges M.

NGS-based reverse genetic screen for embryonic lethal mutations compromising fertility in livestock. Charlier C, Li W, Harland C, Littlejohn M, Coppieters W, Creagh F, Druet T, Faux P, Guillaume F, Karim L, Keehan M, Davis S, Kumar-Kadri N, Spelman R, Georges M. Genome Res  26: 1333-1341 (2016)

Variants modulating the expression of a chromosome domain encompassing PLAG1 influence bovine stature. Karim L, Takeda H, Lin L, Druet T, Arias JAC, Baurain D, Cambisano N, Davis SR, Farnir F, Grisart B, Harris BL, Keehan MD, Littlejohn MD, Spelman RJ, Georges M, Coppieters W. Nat Genetics 43: 405-413 (2011)

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