About us

The UAG comprises four teams

  • Human IBD genomics
    PI: Souad Rahmouni.
    Focuses on the identification of IBD causative genes and variants, as well on the gut microbiome. 
  • Animal molecular genomics
    PI: Carole Charlier. 
    Focuses on the identification of causative genes and variants influencing economically important phenotypes in livestock, as well as on de novo mutation, gene conversion and recombination in the cattle germ-line and transgenerational genetic effects in the mouse.
  • Animal quantitative genetics
    PI: Tom Druet.
    Focuses on the development and application of methods using genomic data to study complex traits, including recombination in the cattle germ-line.

  • BLV genomics
    PI: Anne Van den Broeke. 
    Focuses on the use of genomic approaches to decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying BLV/HTLVI-induced leukemogenesis. 

The UAG works in close collaboration with the GIGA genomics platforms (PI: Wouter Coppieters) on methods for the identification of cows with subclinical mastitis, as well as on methods for single cell RNA sequencing.

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